Introduction to OmekaS

Planning your site

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Getting Started

Talk about what OmekaS is, why you would use it.

Planning and Concepts


For best success, it is important to consider what you want to do with your site before beginning. What resource types will you be adding? What controlled vocabularies will you be using? How would you like to present your collections? Will everything be on one site, or will you split them off into seperate exhibits? Who is your audience? How will they interact with your collections?

Terminology and Layout

Describe the common terminology used in OmekaS. Content-creation tools (Items, Item Sets, Vocabularies, and Resource Templates). What they are and how they relate.

Admin tools (Users, Modules, Jobs, Settings)

Setting Up Your Site

Making an Item Set

Talk about how to make an item set, what an item set is, and why you'll do this step first.

Creating a Website

Next discuss creating a base page. Mention that adding additional pages follows a similar process and is discussed later.

Creating Pages

Adding Items in OmekaS

How are pages different than a base website, what to do to create them, etc.

Adding Items

Adding Items in OmekaS

Talk about how to add items in OmekaS. Three types - Hand-entered resource, hand-entered web resource, and a bulk-uploaded collection (csv). Also how entering an existing item or item set as the value for a property field links them.

Creating Templates

What are resource templates and how to create item templates.

Publishing Your Site

Discuss how to publish the site, as well as how to add additional pages.

Modules and Admin Settings

Discuss how to add modules, where to find modules, what types of modules to possibly use.

For admin settings, discuss updating, adding users, adjusting website settings.

Additional Resources

Link to additional guides, the Omeka manual, the Omeka forums, and my contact information.