Etching Machine

During COVID-19 I began dabbling with metal etching, and I grew a bit tired of using a 9V battery as my power supply. After looking at D. Comeau’s ‘Poor Man’s Etching Power Supply’, I decided to remix things and make my own machine.

Parts List

Basic Steps

To start, I removed the power supply from its original plastic case. No need to save the case or screws. There’s some BIG capacitors in there, so do be careful. I wired the 2-way SPST switch to be the unit’s on-off switch, then wired the DPDT throw in with the 13.5v line, allowing for 13.5V AC, 13.5V DC, and 30V DC. The AC is mainly just for blackening after etching, so I didn’t feel a need to have much variation with that.